Friday, October 19, 2012

What is Kirpeep?

            Kirpeep stands for “Keep it real, people”. Our vision statement says it all, “We empower those who provide value to the community by making it easy to exchange goods and services, with or without money.” We want to make it possible for individuals to trade not only goods, but also services in exchange for money, goods, or other services. What sets us apart from other bartering sites is the fact that we see how trading services benefit our communities.
       There are a handful of sites that make it possible to trade goods for other goods or for money, but Kirpeep makes it possible to trade a service for another service. Let’s say you are math tutor who has aspirations to become the next big country star, with the help of Kirpeep you are now able to find a user who is a singing instructor that coincidentally is searching for a reliable math tutor to help prep their son or daughter for their SAT’s. Scenario number 2: you are a homesick college freshman and you have enough money to either fly home for winter break or buy books for the spring semester. You come across a site called Kirpeep that has just spread across your campus like wildfire. You browse just for fun and you find that there are students who are looking to buy books for the classes you just finished taking, you realize that now you are able to sell your books to purchase the books you need or possibly make a trade. A few barters later, you’re sitting in front of your fireplace sipping away hot chocolate with your family.

       The possibilities are endless, with the help of Kirpeep users will be able to trade, buy, or sell a variety of goods or services at the click of a button. It’s so convenient, so helpful and simple, Kirpeep empowers those who provide value to the community by making it easy to exchange goods and services , with or without money, so why not?

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