Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The time for Spring cleaning has arrived, and Kirpeep is here to help YOU out!

Spring cleaning is the perfect time for us to open up our windows, welcome in the fresh air, and make our home a clean, happy, organized space.  It gives us the opportunity to get rid of the old, and welcome in the new.  

Do you own anything that you no longer use?

Furniture that might be cluttering up your home?

Clothes that you no longer wear?

Are you ready for a complete home makeover ?

Instead of throwing everything away, why not post your items on Kirpeep?  Kirpeep is an exchange engine that lets you buy, sell, and trade goods and services.  If you have something that you no longer find useful, post it on Kirpeep and trade for something you could use - or make some extra cash for that home makeover. Things that you might think are undesirable to you might be treasures to others!

We have many categories including furniture, electronics, and household items. Looking for new decorations? Find them on Kirpeep! Trying to do some fun DIY decorations? Search Kirpeep and see what others have to offer - you’ll be surprised at what you find! 
Need help cleaning your home or moving your new furniture? Search Kirpeep's labor/moving services and see who can help.

Save your money and have fun turning your unwanted clutter into new and exciting treasures!

Keep it real, People, and have an awesome Spring cleaning!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kirpeep’s Awesome Austin Adventure

It’s Spring and the weather is much nicer now, which means that we can go out and start enjoying all the events that are going on. We are happy to say that Kirpeep was part of the action in Austin, TX last week. Austin is home to SXSW, short for South by Southwest. It’s a weeklong conference that is broken up into three different sections. The first part is the interactive conference, followed by the music and film conferences.

The interactive conference is where new technologies are showcased for the world to see. Kirpeep hosted the SXSWi 2013 Ultimate Swag Challenge during SXSW. The objective of the Swag Challenge was to give SXSWi attendees the opportunity to interact with up-and-coming startups and businesses... And win some awesome prizes while doing it!

It was a three-day challenge with daily prizes as well as three grand prizes. The daily winners won Amazon $100 gift cards and 1st place winner, Bryan Andaya, took home a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. We would like to thank everyone who took part in the Swag Challenge, both companies as well as participants. We are looking forward to making next year’s Swag Challenge bigger and better!

And we've got great news for anyone who missed out. We saved some Kirpeep swag for our loyal Kirpeep users. You can be the owner of awesome Kirpeep swag by creating as many Kirpeep listings as you can between now and next Wednesday. Remember that you can create listings for goods and services, as well as needs and offers. Our contest will end on March 27th and we will announce the three winners on the 28th.

So start creating your listings and good luck!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Swag Challenge Day 1 Winner

Hey Swag Lovers,

It was an awesome first day yesterday. Thank you to everyone who showed up to collect your Kirpeep swag.

We're happy to announce the 1st winner of the Kirpeep SXSW 2013 Ultimate Swag Challenge. Bryan Andaya took home a $100 Amazon gift card after racking up a grand total of 89 points! 

Bryan Andaya Kirpeep Swag Challenge Day 1 winner


Today (Sunday) and tomorrow (Monday) we will be at the Free Lunch Friday Rig located on 604 E 7th St from 11-4.

In case you still have not checked in with us this is how it will work.

1.) Check in with the Kirpeep team at the FLF Rig and get your Kirpeep swag.
2.) Search for swag on Kirpeep by typing hashtags #SXSW, or #SWAG.
3.) Start Collecting your swag.
4.) Check back in with the Kirpeep team no later than 4pm to tally up your swag points.

Important Tip!
Swag listed on Kirpeep is worth 25 points each and any other swag is one point a piece.

Good luck!

  - The Kirpeep Team

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Let the Swag Challenge Begin!

Hey Swag Lovers,

Ready to get your swagger on?! The day has finally arrived! The Kirpeep SXSWi 2013 Ultimate Swag Challenge has begun! 

This is how it works:

1.) Come to our Headquarters at the FreeLunchFriday Rig, at 604 E. 7th St. 
2.) Create your Kirpeep account with a Kirpeep team member and receive your Kirpeep swag.
3.) Login to Kirpeep and search #SXSW, #SXSWDAY1, #SWAG, or #SwagDay1 to get the details on events and swag that will be given out.
4.) Start collecting all your swag and meet us back here at 4pm with your bag full of swag.

Update!!!!The Swag Challenge is now open to ANY SXSW swag that you can get your hands on. Swag that is listed on Kirpeep is worth 25 points and other swag is worth 1 point. Remember that some swag is on a first come first serve basis, so make sure to get out to the events early. One piece of swag could make all the difference.

Reminder of what you're playing for:

The daily prize is a $100 gift card and the 3 grand prizes are as follows.

ThinkTable from
Samsung Galaxy Tab II
One round-trip domestic airline ticket from American Airlines

Can't wait to see you, have fun and GOOD LUCK! And as always... Keep it real, people.

-Team Kirpeep 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Awesome Exchange at Kirpeep!

It is a new year and Kirpeep is ready to make this a great one. We are happy to see that our loyal users, “Kirpeeps” are using our site for the exact purpose we created it. Our goal is for people to exchange goods and services with or without money.  We will now start spotlighting awesome trades. The awesome trade of the month goes to Kirpeep users Alex Garcia and Ana Rodriguez.
Alex is a full-time student who happens to be a very good photographer.  Alex has his plate full with schoolwork, a part-time job, and photography gigs on the side. He needed a logo for his photography business cards but didn’t have the time to sit down and create one. So Alex decided to let Kirpeep handle the situation, he created a listing and let our site find his perfect match.
Ana is a Social Media consultant who works out of Geekdom. She also creates custom designs for some of her customers. At around the same time that Alex posted his need for a design, Ana was looking into hiring a photographer to take a couple of headshots for her. She came across Alex’s listing and decided to reach out to him in hopes of making an awesome exchange. He would get his custom design and she would get her headshots.
Ana and Alex decided to meet at Geekdom on January 23, to get their trade on! Alex the master mind behind the camera captured every pose and smile that Ana gave. In exchange for the photo shoot, Ana has created a logo for Alex’s photography business, ATG Photo SA. This logo will help Alex showcase his business and help him branch out here in San Antonio.

With the help of Kirpeep, Ana and Alex were able to get in contact with one another and create an exchange that they both benefited from. Kirpeep helps people from the community to find one another and see what they each have to offer. Join Ana and Alex on Kirpeep and begin trading with one another, you never know what trades you might find!

Keep it real Kirpeeps! 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kirpeep is thankful for...

Kirpeep Thanks YOU!

         Thanksgiving Day is nearly here- a time for Kirpeep to reflect and give thanks to all;

Thursday November 15th Kirpeep along with Geekdom hosted an MIT alumni event which showcased the launch of our website. MIT alumni from Austin and San Antonio took time out of their day to support and learn about Kirpeep and what our website has to offer.

Our event took place at Geekdom at the Weston Center downtown San Antonio.  Pat Condon, the co-founder of Rackspace Hosting was our guest speaker who taught us the importance of cloud computing for any business. With the help of cloud computing applications, businesses will maintain control of data with backups and file sharing, and will have a reliable infrastructure for their business.

Steven Quintanilla, MIT alumni and founder of Kirpeep spoke next to guests about letting them know our mission,  “Kirpeep is an exchange engine working to empower those who provide value to their communities, by making it easy to exchange for good and services, with our without money.”  With the launch of our website, Kirpeep hopes to make it easier for people around the San Antonio and Austin area to be able to exchange products and services with one another, and hopes to expand across the nation and abroad. 
 The night turned out to be a huge success; not only because of the hard work that the Kirpeep team put in, but also because of the many supporters who went out of their way to help sponsor this event. Kirpeep would like to thank the MIT Alumni Association and the following sponsors.

 A special thanks goes out to Geekdom, who has awarded Kirpeep with a 25K fund.  With that money, Kirpeep has been able to purchase necessary equipment for our team members, pay our team members for their hard work and provide funds for the launch of Kirpeep at numerous colleges in San Antonio later on this month.

 Finally, a huge thanks goes out to all the team members of Kirpeep who have dedicated an enormous amount of time and work to this event and with the hard work behind the launching of Without their devotion Kirpeep would not have been able to reach the success we have accomplished, and we are forever grateful to them. 

Kirpeep has so much to be thankful for this year- a website that is up and running, a team who works day and night to help perfect our business and a group of mentors from family, friends, and colleagues to motivate us and realize never to give up on our dreams.Kirpeep looks forward to the upcoming year, knowing that we have overcome our biggest obstacles and have a bright future ahead of us.
 The Kirpeep team wishes you all a happy Thanksgiving, but mostly Thank You for all your support!

Friday, October 19, 2012

What is Kirpeep?

            Kirpeep stands for “Keep it real, people”. Our vision statement says it all, “We empower those who provide value to the community by making it easy to exchange goods and services, with or without money.” We want to make it possible for individuals to trade not only goods, but also services in exchange for money, goods, or other services. What sets us apart from other bartering sites is the fact that we see how trading services benefit our communities.
       There are a handful of sites that make it possible to trade goods for other goods or for money, but Kirpeep makes it possible to trade a service for another service. Let’s say you are math tutor who has aspirations to become the next big country star, with the help of Kirpeep you are now able to find a user who is a singing instructor that coincidentally is searching for a reliable math tutor to help prep their son or daughter for their SAT’s. Scenario number 2: you are a homesick college freshman and you have enough money to either fly home for winter break or buy books for the spring semester. You come across a site called Kirpeep that has just spread across your campus like wildfire. You browse just for fun and you find that there are students who are looking to buy books for the classes you just finished taking, you realize that now you are able to sell your books to purchase the books you need or possibly make a trade. A few barters later, you’re sitting in front of your fireplace sipping away hot chocolate with your family.

       The possibilities are endless, with the help of Kirpeep users will be able to trade, buy, or sell a variety of goods or services at the click of a button. It’s so convenient, so helpful and simple, Kirpeep empowers those who provide value to the community by making it easy to exchange goods and services , with or without money, so why not?