Thursday, January 31, 2013

Awesome Exchange at Kirpeep!

It is a new year and Kirpeep is ready to make this a great one. We are happy to see that our loyal users, “Kirpeeps” are using our site for the exact purpose we created it. Our goal is for people to exchange goods and services with or without money.  We will now start spotlighting awesome trades. The awesome trade of the month goes to Kirpeep users Alex Garcia and Ana Rodriguez.
Alex is a full-time student who happens to be a very good photographer.  Alex has his plate full with schoolwork, a part-time job, and photography gigs on the side. He needed a logo for his photography business cards but didn’t have the time to sit down and create one. So Alex decided to let Kirpeep handle the situation, he created a listing and let our site find his perfect match.
Ana is a Social Media consultant who works out of Geekdom. She also creates custom designs for some of her customers. At around the same time that Alex posted his need for a design, Ana was looking into hiring a photographer to take a couple of headshots for her. She came across Alex’s listing and decided to reach out to him in hopes of making an awesome exchange. He would get his custom design and she would get her headshots.
Ana and Alex decided to meet at Geekdom on January 23, to get their trade on! Alex the master mind behind the camera captured every pose and smile that Ana gave. In exchange for the photo shoot, Ana has created a logo for Alex’s photography business, ATG Photo SA. This logo will help Alex showcase his business and help him branch out here in San Antonio.

With the help of Kirpeep, Ana and Alex were able to get in contact with one another and create an exchange that they both benefited from. Kirpeep helps people from the community to find one another and see what they each have to offer. Join Ana and Alex on Kirpeep and begin trading with one another, you never know what trades you might find!

Keep it real Kirpeeps! 

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