Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The time for Spring cleaning has arrived, and Kirpeep is here to help YOU out!

Spring cleaning is the perfect time for us to open up our windows, welcome in the fresh air, and make our home a clean, happy, organized space.  It gives us the opportunity to get rid of the old, and welcome in the new.  

Do you own anything that you no longer use?

Furniture that might be cluttering up your home?

Clothes that you no longer wear?

Are you ready for a complete home makeover ?

Instead of throwing everything away, why not post your items on Kirpeep?  Kirpeep is an exchange engine that lets you buy, sell, and trade goods and services.  If you have something that you no longer find useful, post it on Kirpeep and trade for something you could use - or make some extra cash for that home makeover. Things that you might think are undesirable to you might be treasures to others!

We have many categories including furniture, electronics, and household items. Looking for new decorations? Find them on Kirpeep! Trying to do some fun DIY decorations? Search Kirpeep and see what others have to offer - you’ll be surprised at what you find! 
Need help cleaning your home or moving your new furniture? Search Kirpeep's labor/moving services and see who can help.

Save your money and have fun turning your unwanted clutter into new and exciting treasures!

Keep it real, People, and have an awesome Spring cleaning!

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